About the Maine Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu


The Maine Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu was established by Sifu Snaer Skegg., in October 1999. The Academy was traditionally an extension of Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by Si-Fu Scott Baker and Sifu Timothy Jeffcoat.

Training takes place in the traditional sense. The Academy strives for quality, based not on aesthetic appeal, but on substance. We train as is and was done in China. This is done to provide the highest quality of training with the lowest overhead costs. After all, the quality of an art is not based on appearance (the size of the school, the number of trophies, etc.), rather, it is based on effectiveness, and so we strive to teach the highest quality of combat. Classes are small in number, so that quality is not diluted by there being too many students. Learning an internal art takes a great deal of time and effort, and class size is designed so that everyone can benefit.

Training in Internal Wing Chun is a balance of both Qigong and Wing Chun. Qigong training is done at every class. Emphasis is placed on five posture standing meditation, brocade, circle meditation, bone marrow washing, Siu-Nim-Tao Qigong, and kidney washing.

Sifu Skegg began training under Si-Fu Baker in October of 1989, and continued under Sifu Timothy Jeffcoat from October, 1998, when Si-Fu Baker moved to Illinois, until July of 1999, when he (Sifu Skegg) and his family moved to Maine.

Sifu Al French began training under Sifu Skegg in September of 2003 and achieved the final level of Sifu Level Three in August, 2009. He became an associate member and teacher of the academy. (He is currently attending medical school.)

Sifu Anthony Oddi begain training under Sifu Skegg and achieved the final level of Sifu Level Three in May, 2015. He resides in Saco, ME.

The Academy provides an open forum for all Wing Chun practitioners, and invites input from all who wish to contribute, in any form.

For more information, contact:

Sifu Snaer Skegg

Phone: (207) 356-5557

E-Mail: snaerskegg@mainewingchunkungfu.com


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